Labor Day soon

Big show up the road at the Choctaw Labor Day Festival. Big name singers Neal McCoy and Alabama will be there along with others. Stay at our campground and drive to the festival.  We have shady RV sites.

Memorial Day 2017

Lots of folks enjoying our campground this weekend.  Trees are in full leaf and making lots of shade and a nice breeze keeping us from sweating too much on a couple of pretty warm days.

Several took the canoe ride down the river with a few turnovers.  Luckily the water is warm and turning over is part of the fun.  Two or 3 groups of guys took a longer trip and stayed overnight along the river.  When the water level is up our river is good for canoeing for over 100 miles with remote camping spots along the way.  Quite an adventure.

I guess some are giving thought to the reason behind Memorial Day.  Personally, I have been thinking back to 1968 when Uncle Sam came calling to the college campus to take me unwillingly away to serve in the Air Force.  My mistake was graduating from college.  As long as I was a full time student they left me alone.  Most folks now days think everyone in the military wanted to be there for some personal reason.  That was not the case for me and lots of others.  We were looking forward to our career after college and making a little money for a change.  Instead, for $100 per month,  I was taken from my free, happy lifestyle and forced to serve in the military during the Vietnam conflict.

After a few days in boot camp we all decided we weren’t getting out of there so we adapted and became good recruits, willing to learn and do our job.  Four years later it turned out to be a good experience.  I’m just sad about my friends who died serving in the military during that time.


River and shade

The river is just right for a canoe ride. Its running about 1000 cfs. You won’t have to paddle as much but you will have a few rapids. Plenty of room for RV’s and tent campers. Cabins are available.