River and canoeing

Our river is not cooperating for canoeing or kayaking.  This must be the driest spring we have ever had.  May rain tonight and for sure we get rain on Easter Sunday.  Good canoe water is on the way!  Normally the river has bank to bank water this time of year.  Camping and fishing is still very good.  Weather is perfect and lots of shade to camp under.

Canoe Season

Canoeing and fishing season is here.  We are getting a little rain that makes for good canoeing.  Still best to call before coming to canoe since the river level is very important for canoe trips.  Sometimes too low and sometimes too high.  Nature rules.

Get Out of That City!

Beautiful camping weather. The river is running a gentle 36cfs which makes for good fishing, swimming and gold panning. This is the best time of year for outdoor camping and other activities. Don’t miss it by hanging around your big city and missing out on a campfire, starry skies, night time nature sounds along with the rippling sound of the river and all with no mosquitos or other irritants. Can’t beat it. See you soon.

RIP Jaypo

jaypo the dogJaypo, our oldest and most popular dog, has died and gone on for his reward. As he got older and weaker my hope for Jaypo was that he would just lay down and die here at his favorite place in the whole world. He loved our campground and campers and sure enough, on Saturday morning as he was visiting some campers he just laid down and died. Such a good ending to a very special friend.

Jaypo came to us from the animal shelter in Longview, TX, 14 years ago. My grand daughter picked him out from a discarded litter of puppies. She named him Jacoboo. I said “that ain’t no Jacoboo, lets call him Jaypo”. So Jaypo has been with us here at the campground ever since. He has entertained hundreds of campers and has made many trips down the river swimming along with the canoes.

We’re sure going to miss the old boy. He is buried now in our pet cemetery along with some other old friends. I always wondered how people could care more about their animal friends than they do their people friends. I think I now have figured it out.